What Does Your Thyroid Do?

I have never known it before, but it appears that I have problems with my thyroid, although the doctor did not really tell me that for sure. He said that he thought that was what was causing the issues that I have been having. Of course like always they want to run tests and so they drew some blood and got me to pee in a little cup. I suppose that I have to wait a bit and find out what the tests say. I did some research when I got home, but ended up at this www.thyromine.us site, which did not really do me much good at all and made me wonder why the place was on the front page of the search results. It seemed as though you should be getting good information about how the thing works, but obviously if I was trying to sell the stuff that they are I might feel a little bit differently.

From what I read it seems that the thyroid does just about everything in your body, or at least it has a lot of things that it does and they are all pretty important. If it goes bad on you, then you can have all sorts of issues and if it just does not do one of those things, then you have an issue there. Usually you have to figure out how to replace the thing that it is supposed to make some way, so you are going to have to have a bottle of pills which will do the things that the thyroid was supposed to do and did not do. At any rate I do not think that there is much wrong with me that can not be fixed, but there are a vast number of things it could be.

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