Discover the Different Health Science Career Studies

The health science field is a very broad one which leaves students with a lot of options when it comes to the specific degree they want to earn. This field is composed of career studies that equip the students with the necessary skills and knowledge which will prepare them to work in the healthcare industry as technicians or students in a particular area. There are now a lot of educational opportunities that you can find in different colleges and universities all over the world.

Since the field is extremely diverse, most students start first by enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program. It is often the case since a lot of students join the field of health sciences after they finished earning an associate degree in their chosen field.

Some of the possible fields that you can enter with a degree in health science include:

  • Nursing
  • Dental hygiene
  • Surgical technology
  • Physician assisting
  • Occupational therapy
  • Applied health sciences

All of these fields are being joined by several other specializations which could be acquired from degree programs starting from the associate’s up to a PhD educational level. The programs which are often entered are at the master’s and bachelor’s degree level. The bachelor’s degree level of education is composed of courses which supplement a certain concentration. Also, it is common for the students to work through different courses in which they have to complete clinical hours where they can gain further experience. These fundamental courses are being taken whatever the career the students plan to pursue.

In a 4-year degree program, students are expected to complete their courses in human anatomy, microbiology, health care, and physiology. There are also classes focusing on the different kinds of delivery systems integrated to the field.

With a master’s degree program, students are equipped with the necessary knowledge to let them work alongside surgeons and doctors. Most of the degree programs gear up the students for the management through taking up their specialization and offering a total understanding of health science. The students can also enter concentrations in different fields such as health education, public health, clinical research administration, disaster and emergency management, and more.

Students are expected to take up the core set of courses in the master’s degree program which include the following:

  • Applied Ergonomics
  • Advanced Human Anatomy
  • Pathophysiology
  • Bioenergetics and Weigh
  • Tissue Biomechanics
  • Pharmacology
  • Movement Science

The students can also plan to take the courses once they have worked through the path of general education in undergraduate degree. In human nutrition, for instance, a fundamentals course looks at health science as far as nutrition is concerned. The study of diet, digestion, effects of nutrients on the body, and nutrition’s role in disease and health composed the basic concepts of this field. A beginning course can also be applied in ethics that looks at care practice techniques.

Students can look forward to being trained and well equipped in the field they chose after they completed their health science degree.


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